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Redwood Shores

Redwood Shores, which is a community of Redwood City, is a 1500-acre
peninsula that juts into San Francisco Bay east of Hwy 101, between Foster City and the Bair
Islands. On its northwest flank is Belmont Slough. To the southeast is
Steinberger Slough. Along its northeast point on San Francisco Bay are
marshlands that are part of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife
Refuge. Like Foster City, Redwood Shores is a planned, developed community. This
peninsula was originally covered with marshlands, whose rich shellfish beds
provided food for the Native Americans in the area. Later, it became cattle
grazing land.  Redwood Shores was annexed by Redwood City in 1959. Development of the area began in the 1960's. Marine World was built here in 1968 and moved to Vallejo in 1986. After it left, its site
eventually developed into the headquarters of Oracle Corporation, whose tall office towers
can be seen from miles away. Now Redwood Shores is the home of planned
residential communities with a population of about 15,000, shopping centers, and
a growing number of high-tech companies in large office complexes. Artificial
lagoons and channels run through the center of the peninsula, while sloughs and
marshes surround it. Private and public parks are
scattered throughout the peninsula. Nearby is the Hiller Aviation Museum. Extensive residential
and industrial construction is going on in the area...