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Located on the Peninsula just north of internationally renowned Stanford University, the town of Atherton is home to a cosmopolitan population dominated by professionals and prominent figures in government, education, industry, sports, and the arts. Unlike many of the Bay Area communities, Atherton’s modest population has remained stable over the past two decades — a trend that is expected to continue. The traditionally residential flavor of Atherton is strictly protected by a land-use plan that prohibits commercial or industrial development. Influenced in part by the powerful presence of Stanford University, the outstanding caliber of public and private schools in Atherton not only serves area youth but attracts students from surrounding communities. City planners and residents are finely tuned to the same overall mission: To preserve the advantages of a small town atmosphere in close proximity to all the cultural, recreational, and economic opportunities afforded by the San Francisco Bay Area. Home options range from stately mansions to the clean lines of contemporary styling on spacious properties that are commonly a minimum of one acre.

Nestled between the Pacific Coast and the San Francisco Bay, Atherton celebrates some of the country's most beautifully manicured estates and mansions. The town's multi-million dollar homes and notable residents, including football legend Jerry Rice, prompted Forbes Magazine to declare Atherton the most affluent zip code in the United States. The town is centered around the Menlo Circus Club, with its private stables and dual rings. Atherton's thickly wooded scenic landscape is free of major businesses and large retail establishments. Its open space is host to a multitude of pine, redwood, and cedar trees and many residents are afforded pristine views of the picturesque coastlines. This town that promotes art, cultural awareness and the preservation of its landscape is sure to satisfy nature and beauty lovers alike.